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This is a vitamin and mineral supplement.  It contains Vitamins E, B1, B12, Magnesium, Zinc, Copper, Theanine, Tyrosine, and Glutamine.





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Horse Supplements for Improved Performance


Shiloh Performance Horse Products LLC manufactures supplements  that help your horse perform to its highest potential under stressful conditions.  This stress leads to many conditions that affect your horse's performance and Shiloh's products can help





Types of stress which cause poor performance in the horse

  • Training
  • Shipping
  • Weaning
  • Separation
  • Pain
  • Heat

Signs of stress related problems

  • Poor body condition: Horse is dull looking and you cannot put weight on your horse no matter what you do.
  • Poor performance: Your horse has sub par performance for unknown reason.
  • Irritable: Your horse tries to bite and kick for no reason when you are in the stall.
  • Picky eater: Your horse does not want to eat much food or is uninterested in the feed possibly caused by ulcers.
  • Stable vice: Cribbing and stall weaving.
  • Refusal to perform: Your horse refuses to do a task or becomes angry when ask to perform.
  • Refusal to stride out: Your horse becomes unable to extend its stride from behind.
  • Gas Colic: Your horse has chronic bouts of gas colic.

Shiloh's Blood Power helps stress related problems by improving energy and the way your horse feels.

  • Poor body condition: Vitamins and other nutrients help the horse to utilize other nutrients to build a better body.
  • Poor performance: Increased red blood cells improves oxygen transport for better performance.
  • Picky eater: Improve appetite.
  • Refusal to perform: Increase energy to improve performance.


Shiloh's G.I. Relief helps stress related problems by maintaining a healthy gastro-intestinal tract.

  • Poor body condition: With a proper functioning gastro-intestinal tract you will be able to put weight on your horse without excessive feeding.
  • Poor performance: When gastro-intestinal pain and inflammation are reduced your horse will perform to its true ability.
  • Irritable: Your horse will be much nicer with no gastro-intestinal pain or inflammation.
  • Picky eater: A horse without gastro-intestinal problems is a willing eater.
  • Stable vice: Cribbing caused by gastro-intestinal pain can be reduced.
  • Refusal to stride outWith no pain or inflammation your horse can extend its stride.
  • Gas Colic: Decrease in pain and inflammation.